Some of my students do stop by and use this blog as a tool, it is useful for them to learn English, which is the main idea of this blog. I also know that some of my acquaintances and friends do like it and also give it a look every now and then and also leave their comments.

This post is for those of my students, friends or any other person who passes by who like the blog but do not leave comments:  Writing a blog is a hard but rewarding task, I love to have comments in my entries (if you read this blog, you already know this). So, please leave a comment and say hello!!!

If you do not remember how to do it, have a look at this old entry: How to post a comment in this blog.
If you want to make me really happy, make yourself a follower of the blog!!:))



  1. Here I am!! Love sharing this beautiful task with you!


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