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My 1st of Bachillerato students have asked me to do a chart on the differences of use between the present simple and the present continuous, so, browsing through the internet I found  this wonderful mindmap in a blog called Grammar Goddess (fantastic way to remember grammar issues!!). In this picture, we find the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms of the verbs in the present simple, plus the verb to be and the different uses; we have also seen in class the use of present simple for timetables and schedules.

So, here is the chart you were asking me for:

Present simple

Present continuous
  •             Habits or routines (with frequency adverbs and expressions)
  •             General truths or facts
  •          With timetables and schedules.
  •             With state verbs  (feelings, opinions, mental processes, states, posession, senses and measures)
  •         At the moment of speaking.
  •           Ongoing activities.
  •        Temporary situations.
  •            Fixed plans of the near future.
  •              Annoying habits (usually with “always”)

If you need some more practice, go here:
I have done what you wanted, now I'm asking you something: Can you do a mindmap with the present continuous? Please!! If you can, hand it in and we will publish it here. 
As always, leave your comments!!

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