World Teacher's Day.

Today, the 5th October, is the day that the UNESCO has set to pay homage and to claim for better conditions for teachers all over the world. I really think that we should take care of teachers and specially of the educative systems of our countries; so that all our children are able to receive a good education, an education that will help them be the best person possible in the future. 

These days, in which education is being looked at from economical points of view rather than pedagogical or teaching ones, we as teachers have to stand for ourselves and make people trust us, because we really do know what is the best way to teach students and how the educative system should work.

As a teacher, I like to be optimistic, so I'm going to leave you a picture of a teacher so that we can laugh a little:
Pen with a Voice

What do you have to say to take a stand for teachers??
Leave your comments and celebrate with us!!!

I want to dedicate this post to all my mates, but specially to a great teacher, my friend Carlos.


  1. A bit late, but congratulations! I completely agree with the cartoon. My hair also look a mess in the morning. Hope you have to go to bed so late!!
    x o Fran

    1. Not later than the rest!!! At least we love our job ;)


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