Learning vocabulary: diagrams

Diagrams are symbolic representations of information, they are a mixture of pictures and letters organized in a way that they  visualize  information. We usually use diagrams in science classes, but they are a great way to study vocabulary, especially if they are our students' own creations. The one above, which I created for my 2nd year classes, makes it easier for them to remember the contents: verbs that express likes and dislikes have to be followed by the verbs in the gerund (v+ing)

You can practise this structure at English Exercises or at The English Corner by Eva Casals.

We usually use diagrams for vocabulary, like that of the parts of the body or the house, but we should encourage our students to use them for vocabulary and grammar purposes, it is a good way to make their brains work and this will help them to remember the contents more easily.

Do you like diagrams? Do you use them in your classes?
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